Individual coaching

When you would like to make sense of what you are going through and change things in your life, the most intense way to do that is in one on one coaching. You have the opportunity to learn to understand your situation, behavior, thoughts and emotions. It’s about finding the essence, so you gain knowledge about what steps will be most effective for you.

Coaching is about tapping into your own sources of wisdom, so you know what to do. You are the one in charge of what happens in your life and what you will (not) do. It empowers you to take action, now and in the future. My role is to listen, ask relevant coaching questions and tune in to what you need. We would discuss what it is you want, do not want, what is holding you back and you generate new ideas and energy to move forward. I will not ‘prescribe’ anything but guide you on your path of exploring your options.

Both rational tactics as well as intuitive tactics like meditation and visualization are used during sessions, this depends on the situation and coachee. The goal is always to create knowledge, so you can move forward and improve the situation you are in.

This is what one of my Dutch coachees Loes has experienced during individual coaching sessions in my home. I have translated her comments from Dutch.

I have learned how to get in touch with my feelings, I’ve changed from focussing on what is happening in my mind to my heart. I experience more calmness, happy moments and self-acceptance. I’ve experienced Andrea as enhusiastic, full of understanding and compassionate. She is open and honest. The sessions have given me beautiful insights and confidence.

Practical information

    We always start with a free intake session of 30 min. by Skype or in my practice in Enschede, in which your situation, your wishes and practicalities regarding coaching are discussed. You have no obligations after this session. Spoken languages are English or Dutch. I do understand German and Czech as well. When you decide to take on coaching sessions, they will take one hour. How many sessions you need and wish depends on your situation and personal wishes.
    Coaching can take place face to face in my office at Kafmolenhoek 16 in Enschede. By bus it’s about 20 min. from the city center (bus nr. 2 to Helmerhoek), by bike around 15-20 min. There is a possibility to use Skype for coaching sessions, these are still highly effective.


Here is a comment from international student Carla who I have coached via Skype:

I experienced Andrea as a coach being warm-hearted, patient and always respectful and understanding. During the coaching sessions, Andrea first of all listened but also gave me a lot of input and questions to think about and to discuss together. I feel motivated and strengthened through the sessions with her. Andrea has a lot knowledge about what she is doing and it is obvious that she loves what she is doing. This makes her a passionate and trustworthy coach, and I am looking forward for more sessions.



I am absolutely positive that when you learn about who you are, deal with stress and find out about what it is you want, you can enjoy your life more.

Whenever you feel ready to work with any of these topics, let me know.

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