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Finding flow offers several services in which a broad range of topics is covered. It depends on your situation and personal preferences what is most suitable for you at what time. When you are experiencing a great deal of stress, you would start by analyzing where you can create some more space and incorporate nice things that don’t cost you too much energy. Your first priority is gaining energy.

When you have a nagging feeling if you have chosen the right study program, you move to the deeper layer of what it is you are looking for and connect to the bigger picture of your life.

The easiest way to get to know what Finding Flow is all about is via the Facebook group ‘Student flow’, in which free inspiration is shared to find flow in your student life. In this group you get to meet likeminded people who are searching for peace of mind, happiness and challenges. You are welcome to join here.

Individual coaching

When you would like to make sense of what you are going through and change things in your life, the most intense way to do that is in one on one coaching. You have the opportunity to learn to understand your situation, behavior, thoughts and emotions. It’s about finding the essence, so you gain knowledge about what steps will be most effective for you.

Coaching is about tapping into your own sources of wisdom, so you know what to do. You are the one in charge of what happens in your life and what you will (not) do. It empowers you to take action, now and in the future. My role is to listen, ask relevant coaching questions and tune in to what you need. We would discuss what it is you want, do not want, what is holding you back and you generate new ideas and energy to move forward. I will not ‘prescribe’ anything but guide you on your path of exploring your options.

Both rational tactics as well as intuitive tactics like meditation and visualization are used during sessions, this depends on the situation and coachee. The goal is always to create knowledge, so you can move forward and improve the situation you are in.

This is what one of my Dutch coachees Loes has experienced during individual coaching sessions in my home. I have translated her comments from Dutch.

I have learned how to get in touch with my feelings, I’ve changed from focussing on what is happening in my mind to my heart. I experience more calmness, happy moments and self-acceptance. I’ve experienced Andrea as enhusiastic, full of understanding and compassionate. She is open and honest. The sessions have given me beautiful insights and confidence.

Practical information

    We always start with a free intake session of 45 min. by Skype, in which your situation, your wishes and practicalities regarding coaching are discussed. You have no obligations after this session. Spoken languages are English or Dutch. I do understand German and Czech as well. When you decide to take on coaching sessions, they will take one hour. How many sessions you need and wish depends on your situation and personal wishes.
    Coaching can take place face to face in my office in Helmerhoek (South of Enschede), which you can be reached by bike (15 min. from city center) or bus nr. 2 to Helmerhoek. When you prefer to stay at home, we can do our sessions via Skype. It’s slightly less personal, but can still be very effective.
  • FEE
    For a one-hour session you pay an amount of €55. This needs to be paid via bank transfer prior to the coaching session.



Here is a comment from international student Carla who I have coached via Skype:

I experienced Andrea as a coach being warm-hearted, patient and always respectful and understanding. During the coaching sessions, Andrea first of all listened but also gave me a lot of input and questions to think about and to discuss together. I feel motivated and strengthened through the sessions with her. Andrea has a lot knowledge about what she is doing and it is obvious that she loves what she is doing. This makes her a passionate and trustworthy coach, and I am looking forward for more sessions.

Student nights

Finding Flow hosts special student nights on a regular basis in which specific topics are covered. Spoken language is English. You get to learn new tactics to deal with your challenges and tune in to what it is you want. It’s fun, inspiring and you have the opportunity to connect to likeminded people which is empowering. You pay €10 to €15.

Online learning

Finding Flow is currently developing online program, so you can learn general skills regarding dealing with stress, creating happy vibes and peace of mind, in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

When you would like to find out about new services, you can sign up for our regular updates and offers. (Scroll down)

If you have any wishes or ideas, let me know! I would be happy to hear them, so I can adjust my services to your needs. Here you can find all information about how to contact me.


What topics are covered by finding flow?


Since stress is most of the time the trigger why you want things to be different: to move away from the pain, you learn how to deal with stress.

  • Learn about your stressors and how to eliminate and deal them in your life.
  • Build confidence by learning about what is already there. See your gifts and develop them further. Accept who you are by tapping in to the positive and learn how to deal with the characteristics you worry about.
  • Investigate what is going on in your mind: what are you constantly analyzing and worrying about? Start to trust yourself and embrace life. Start by investigating your fears, so you learn how to deal with them. Move past your fears. Find out about the beliefs you hold about yourself, so you know what is holding you back. Challenge your beliefs and move into action by taking small steps which feel right.
  • Learn to deal with your emotions: process old shit, build resilience. Learn to work with inconvenient emotions and stop pretending the negative are not there. Have positive emotions enter your life. It will make you stronger, healthier and more ready to face your challenges.
  • Energy: be aware of what and who is draining you and what/who is making you feel energetic. You need energy to do the things you love and enjoy life. It is about taking good care of yourself, so you build resilience to face challenges. It’s about eating healthy, sports, rest, thinking positively, building supportive relationships, meaningful life. Learn to listen to the cues telling you that things are okay and the things that cost you (too) much energy. Incorporate enough things that energize you. Learn what is important in your life.
    incorporate enough things you feel passionate about.

Creating flow

When you are able to move passed the stress, you have room to investigate what it is you really want to do in your life. And you can start NOW. You create flow when what you wish, think and feel are in harmony.

  • What do you long for? What is it you would like to establish in your life so much? Make decisions aligned with your desires and generate focus and peace of mind.
  • What is the reason you get out of bed every single morning? What is your why? (Simon Sinek)
  • Stress orientation is mostly about your own energy level. Connect to the people in your life and build strong relationships. You will learn to support others and receive support in return, which is really powerful. It makes life worthwhile.
  • Find your pace at this moment. Your mind is either set on going too fast (because it wants to achieve something) or too slow when you are moving out of fear. You will learn to connect to your intuition, which tells you what to do at what pace, so you can learn to follow your flow in life.
  • Attract positive feelings in your life. What makes you happy and what doesn’t? Do the things you find important and you like doing. These feel rewarding. Learn to follow your curiosity and passion. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
  • Tap into your creative source. This generates flow-experiences in your life. It will help you to connect to your intuition. When you are doing the things you love, you generate positive emotions and thoughts. You will be more creative in other areas as well, f.e. for solving problems.


I am absolutely positive that when you learn about who you are, deal with stress and find out about what it is you want, you can enjoy your student life more.

On top of that you will have a smoother transition to the labor market.

Whenever you feel ready to work with any of these topics, let me know.

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