Finding Flow

About me

151224-21There are so many beautiful things in life one doesn’t always see. When you would seize opportunities more often, your life would become more meaningful. You wait for the right time to make it happen and there is always an excuse to stay in a situation which in the end does not make you happy. I don’t want that for myself and for others. We expect and want many things in life, so we get to experience stress in our work and in life in general. As a result many people end up with health issues. I have been down the path of entering a burn out. Luckily I was in time to prevent it since  I was aware of the signals. I have learned many lessons during the years as a result of education, coaching, workshops and the people I was lucky to encounter. I am proud to be in the place where I am now.

This journey has resulted in a career switch. From lecturer at a University of Applied Sciences to coach in my own practice. It was time for me to create more flow. I followed a program for Stress counselor. Not only did I become aware of the factors that lead to stress in general and for me specifically, it encouraged me to take steps in making my dreams come true like setting up my own business and becoming a coach. I think it is important om challenge myself, without experiencing too much stress. This means I have to be aware of my feelings and stress signals and take a step back every once in a while. On the other side it means I am using positive energy to go with the flow and do the things that feel right and that make me happy.

Also, I have rediscovered my creativity and passion for writing. It happened in a strange place, when I was writing my exam for Cambridge English Profiency. I was truly enjoying the experience of writing short texts, since I was in flow. I felt ecstatic after finishing the exam, filled with positive energy. When I started to write blogs during that same year, I found out that creativity in fact is a source of life and a connection to your inner soul. You get in touch with your deepest desires and the core essence of who you are. You forget everything around you and you are totally absorbed in what you are doing. No worries, no thoughts, just creating in the space that was created. That gives me a huge energy boost.


Since I have felt the benefits of this, I would like to help you with reconnecting to your inner voice and finding your flow.
Would you like to join me and take your first step
to experience flow? YES!