Finding Flow

For you

Finding Flow is about finding balance between hard work and achieving goals on one side and doing nice things and taking care of yourself on the other.

Are you a young professional who wants to get more out of his/her life?

Would you like to enjoy yourself and do what feels right?

The following situations are real life examples I collected from coachees. Do you recognize yourself in one of them?

You are not allowing yourself to make mistakes.

You cannot bear the thought of failing, so you don’t change a thing in your life. You leave things as they are even though you are not satisfied. Next to being afraid to fail, you are afraid that people might not like you anymore, when you do the things you like. You are keen on receiving confirmation and as long as you do the things that are familiar to you, you will get it. Let’s stick to the comfort zone, because there is not a more comfortable place. You know exactly what you’ve got and what to expect, even though the situation is not perfect.

You think too much.

You are full of ideas and are making plans to make them happen. One way or the other you cannot turn them into actions. You always have an excuse for not doing things. The more you think about it, the more reasons you find. Worrying has become your second nature. You have no idea what it is you like and want. You think too much and would like to do more, so you can find out and enjoy yourself.

No time and feeling stressed.

Doing nice things? You don’t have time for them, because your work and your future are most important. They cost quite a lot of your energy. You do feel some aches in your body and you have difficulties sleeping, but hey, this will pass once you have holidays. Right? You start to have this nagging feeling and you start doubting everything. Is this job right for me? Can I do it? The expectations are high, from your parents, but even more from yourself. Until you realise that this is not what you want from life.

Not challenged enough.

You have started your job with great enthusiasm and passion. This is it and you are ready to rock. You are going to show them what you’ve got. You have always achieved good grades and are willing to go the extra mile. Hard work hasn’t harmed anyone, so let’s do this. You have a drive and you are about to make it happen. You perform well, but you are not satisfied. Maybe you could have accomplished more when you would have worked harder? You can do more than that. Are you being challenged enough?

(Too) many changes

There is so much happening when you start working. You leave home, you are on your own. There are all these new things you are not used to: job, housekeeping, paying the bills, new city, new people. You have to learn how to deal with complicated feelings. It is quite challenging to have so many changes at once.

On top of that you would like to perform, so you set the bar high. It will secure your future.  The fear of failing and insecurities kick in. The pressure is on.

You feel restless and stressed. You are unhappy and feel that things should change.

Your desires

You so desperately want to show what you’ve got, so you can help people and contribute to making this world a better place. You would like to be yourself, without being judged or rejected. It’s time to show yourself. You would like to feel free to do the things you are afraid of but make you feel ‘alive and kicking’. It is about living, not surviving. You long for a better balance of your work and private life, so can go sporting, relax while reading a book and do more nice things with other people. You would like to grow a ‘go with the flow’ mindset, so you can travel without worrying all the time.

Yes, you can.

What would your life look like when you would face your fears and challenge yourself? When you wouldn’t be afraid of what other people might think? When you wouldn’t wait until anything happens, but you would proactively seek out what makes you happy? What would it be like when you would start listening to your intuition? When you would enjoy yourself more?

Are you ready to embrace changes in your life?

Would you like to:
  • Do what is important for you
  • Be satisfied with who you are
  • Have more time for yourself and be more relaxed
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Have more energy
  • Invite creativity into your life

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During coaching sessions or workshops we will investigate what drives you. You will learn to listen to your intuition and make choices aligned with it. That is your compass for making decisions that feel right. All you need to do is learn to rely on it.