Finding Flow


Create flow in your life

Why need flow in your life?

  1. By feeling fulfilled by the things you do, you feel good about yourself. You get this positive vibe which motivates you to even further develop your potential.
  2. There is no room in your mind to worry about all kinds of things. Your mind is already fully occupied, since you are doing something interesting. You just cannot experience any negative emotions.

What is flow?

Flow occurs when you are doing something interesting that you are good at. You are fully engaged and forget everything around you. It costs you little energy, since you are good at it. It seems to go effortlessly.

You need a challenge, otherwise your mind will start to wander and as a result you will get bored. Goals give you direction and challenge you. You don’t want to set the bar too high, otherwise you will be stressed.

The state of mind between boredom and stress is called the optimal situation ‘flow’. In flow your level of competence grows which makes you feel good about yourself. You discover new things which makes life interesting.

(Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

I believe it is important that you feel good about yourself and you lead a life that makes you happy.
You determine what kind of life that is.

In this e-book you can read more about flow. You can click on the picture to open the book. The e-book contains the following topics:

  • What is flow
  • Fulfillment
  • Inspiration
  • Energy
  • Moments of happiness
  • Challenges
  • How you treat yourself
  • What you are able to do
  • Focus on what you have
  • Standing still
  • Listen to your heart

E-book ‘Create flow in your life’