Finding Flow


To give you an impression of me as coach and person, I have collected some quotes from coachees and students that give you an idea of how people perceive me.

“I experienced Andrea as a coach being warm-hearted, patient and always respectful and understanding. During the coaching sessions, Andrea first of all listened but also gave me a lot of input and questions to think about and to discuss together. I feel motivated and strengthened through the sessions with her. Andrea has a lot knowledge about what she is doing and it is obvious that she loves what she is doing. This makes her a passionate and trustworthy coach, and I am looking forward for more sessions.” ~ Carla


“I would like to thank you for being a patient, kind and tender-hearted study counselor, and leading me to believe more in myself.” ~ Anne-Louise


“Over the course of the two years Andrea where has been one of my lecturers, I have experienced her as dedicated, enthusiastic, and driven. I have personally experienced this through how she motivates her students to achieve at the top of their potential. Andrea visually cares about what she does, and the passion she has makes her different from others in such a way that she is straightforward, and therefore highly approachable and trustworthy. During the time Andrea was my study counselor, I have found her to be nonjudgmental and accommodating, making the sessions very pleasant and helpful.”
~ Glenn