Finding Flow

Life coaching

Would you like to boost your confidence, work more efficiently, think less and do more? Then you have come to the right place and you can read below what I can do for you.

Individual coaching

Would you like personal guidance in your search for flow? We can do that face to face in my practice in Enschede, or via Skype. We can discuss this on the phone or via mail.

What will you receive in return?

  • You will receive inspiration, new knowledge about yourself and assignments on which you can work, so you keep on developing yourself in between sessions.
  • You will do different things, so you will feel more positivity, happiness and you will enjoy yourself more. This will generate a spill-over effect to your studies, so you can choose to invest time in things that are really important. It might even change your perception of your studies. Work less hard and still establish more. You will find a way that will suit you better.
  • You will receive all of my enthusiasm, passion, attention, critical questions and my compassion.


Coaching in a smaller group

There are possibilities to  be coached in a group of around 5 students, so you can inspire and learn from each other. You can subscribe individually or as a group with study mates.

Coaching in a smaller group will give you:

  • A lot of inspiration. Everyone experiences the same things, but how people deal with the issues is different. You might feel as you are the only one in this situation and that is a nasty feeling. You will learn that you are not the only one. It is about trust, opening up by giving and receiving. The group is very powerful in that way. I have coached students in groups while they were on their internships. We met regularly at University. Many beautiful things happened, since experiences were shared, questions were asked and people felt inspired to take action to get outside their comfort zone.
  • Since I am highly sensitive, I can create a safe environment. You will receive my trust, enthusiasm, passion, critical questions and my compassion.
  • The benefit of the group is that you can motivate each other to work on the assignment in between sessions and help each other during difficult times.

Let me know if you’re interested on or via the contact form and we can schedule an appointment asap.