Finding Flow


Hey flow seeker,

Nice to meet you here on my website. Don’t hesitate to browse. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am happy to help you.

Finding Flow helps young professionals to make choices during their life that are aligned with who they are and what drives them, so they can lead a meaningful life.
It is about challenging themselves to expand their comfort zone, but in a way it doesn’t cost them too much energy, so there is enough left to enjoy their life.

As young professional you face many challenges. Yu have a new job and you would like to develop yourself further, which gives pressure. On top of that you have all these life choices to make and you would like to enjoy yourself as well.


Do you feel energized and calm? Do you have many happy thoughts? And what happens when you have to leave your comfort zone for that special project? Do you dare to do the things you have set your mind on?

Finding Flow is NOT about performing and working harder, since that wouldn’t make you a bit happier. You will end up being stressed. You already know that drill.

It is the happiness part, where I strongly believe there is so much more to be gained.

Most likely you don’t do enough of what makes you happy, otherwise you wouldn’t be visiting this website.

You face many challenges, since you have left home, started a new job and are busy settling.  This can be overwhelming, causing negative thoughts, stress and bodily aches. In no time you are lacking energy to do enjoyable things, since the pressure is on and your mind is already swamped with worries.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following situations?
  • You have many negative thoughts about yourself, which prevent you to enjoy yourself and do daring things.
  • You want to show the world what you’ve got so much, but you are scared to make mistakes.
  • You feel that everything in your life revolves around work, so you have no time left to enjoy yourself.
  • You worry about what other people think all the time, so you are not able to make the choices that suit you.
  • You are often stressed and you have no clue how to change that.
  • You wonder if you are challenged enough, since you start feeling bored. As a result you start doubting yourself.

You can make your contribution by incorporating flow experiences into your life. When you experience flow, you are so involved in an activity, that you forget everything around you. You even forget to worry. Activities that generate flow can be anything you like and you are good at. You keep on challenging yourself, that means leaving your comfort zone step by step and developing yourself. Read more here.

The goal for creating more flow in your life is that it enables you to create opportunities and grasp them. When you know and feel what is right for you, you will make better choices and create the kind of life that is fulfulling and makes you happy. It already starts during your studies.

Would you like to know what Finding Flow can do for you? Check it out here.