While I was running this morning, this blog post appeared in my mind with every step I took.

This morning the 99th person liked my Facebook page Finding Flow. Somebody was interested in my page without me having to work so hard for it. I hadn’t posted anything in a while and now out of the blue somebody just liked my page. It felt like receiving a gift.

To be honest I was quite focused on receiving 100 likes, because it is a special number. You wanna know why? So I was able to tell: ‘look at me, I have 100 likes’. That is what they call ‘ego-energy’. You do something, because it makes you feel better, since you are enhancing yourself. It’s not the best energy, when you would like to be of meaning to other people. It doesn’t revolve around you.

When I received like nr. 99, something special happened. I felt deep gratitude for the support that I had. I felt so much warmth that I had the feeling I could fly. That is absolutely no ego-energy.

Then I felt the support of all 99 people who liked my page. Thanks to them I am able to take another step on this adventure called ‘finding flow’. What a powerful feeling.

It’s not about what you miss, but what you have.

Then I felt that it is not about the likes I haven’t received yet, but the ones that were already there. We always long for more and are never satisfied with what we have. We can’t even see what we have, since we are so focused on what’s missing. The meaning of this even hits me harder while writing it down. It sinks in. That is why I feel so intensely happy right now.


Lately I have been feeling much gratitude. For what I have, for what I am able to experience, for the people I am able to hang out with. I couldn’t possibly describe this feeling with any pen or keyboard.

I feel that it is because I meditate every day and as a result I am connected to my heart. It has transformed the way I experience life. I am able to enjoy the moment much more. Also, I am able to connect to others much more. I am able to feel compassion, since I am connected to myself.

There is another reason why I feel so much positive energy and I must say that I don’t feel like that 100% of the time. I still have difficulties moments, but they pass sooner and I am able to feel positive again. My relationships with my family used to be strained. This had quite an impact on me. Often I felt cut off from my roots and alone. Although maintaining relationships with my family is still challenging, I am able to keep in touch with them more often and on a deeper level. I feel supported by them and I am able to support them too. I am no longer cut off from my roots and I feel more stable.

I am not alone and neither are they. It is a process, of love, attention and empathy. These are all elements of the beautiful journey called mindfulness…

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