Yes! I am still able to keep my promise of meditating 30 minutes every single day. Last Sunday I went for a run instead of sitting still on a pillow and yoga mat. I was practicing focusing my attention on the here and now. I didn’t listen to any music. In stead I focused on the animal sounds which surrounded me and all the beautiful things I saw which I hadn’t seen before.  

I have a small forest close to my home, it is practically in my backyard, that close. I hadn’t been there for years. ‘Too small’ my head said, ‘so why bother go there’. Last week I went for an evening walk with an acquaintance from the block. She reintroduced the tiny forest to me and I was amazed to rediscover it. It is actually a really beautiful place and you do feel as if in a real forest.

So when I was running mindfully, I started in that place. There are all these large trees and there is even a small brook running there. There were cows, horses, a view of meadows, birds singing and many beautiful, large trees with huge roots. There is even a tree you can hug, so I have learned. It’s a special soft tree. I truly enjoyed running there and see all those elements in nature.


It’s those judgments in our minds which prevent us from seeing what is there. It’s a mindset.

In stead of judging the size of the forest, I went in with an open mind and saw amazing things. I felt like being in a big forest and I enjoyed every second. It’s this open mind you can copy to everyday life.

It’s a magical place and I will go there far more often. Since then I have visited it for a small walk in between rain showers with my husband. I am planning to go there on the second meditation theme night ‘Meditation on the move’ on June 12.

When there is an opportunity, you need to grasp it.

It wasn’t a beautiful day at all on the day of the run. It had rained, it was cold and windy. You would normally prefer to stay at home on a day like that. When there is an opportunity, you need to grasp it. Not being mindful means worrying about the weather and deciding to stay at home for the whole day once you have looked outside the window in the morning seeing all those dark clouds.

Being mindful means that you go with the flow. You see what happens and adjust accordingly. So when the rain has gone, you see an opportunity to go outside.

Most of the time you don’t see what is there right under your nose.

What a nice opportunity it was. I even got to run in the sun. I watched these amazing dark clouds in the distance. I knew the shower had passed by already, so there were no worries. You could see the rain falling from the sky.

How often do you get to see that? Most of the time you can’t and when you can, you miss it, since you are either busy in your mind or doing something.

And sometimes you just need to be prepared to get your suit wet, otherwise you won’t go. The most funny thing is that when you are prepared to get wet, you most likely won’t. Life is about taking risks, otherwise you will stay at home, not experiencing anything special and wonder what is out there without ever seeing it.


Curious about meditating outside?

On 12th June you can join us in this tiny forest during the theme night ‘meditation on the move’ from 7-9PM and see and even more feel for yourself. More information can be found on my facebookpage: and you can sign up by email:

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