A week ago on Saturday I started meditating 30 minutes per day. I have managed to hold on to that promise for already 11 days. I did change the rules a bit as I work with the flow. Sometimes I meditate 30 minutes in one single session, other times I have 2 sessions. The times can vary: one session of 20 and the other of 10 or two 15 minute-sessions. Whatever feels right.

I enjoy it so much, that I am not quitting. As I am sure you could benefit from all the positive effects too, I am sharing my 3 most important lessons that I have learned last week with you.

Do whatever works for you

You don’t need to sit still. On some days I sit still with my legs crossed on a yoga mat, other days I like to move or switch positions. When I move, I don’t think about the motion, but go with the flow and follow my intuition. I don’t like things to be rigid. Sometimes I put on music, other times I prefer silence. Music can be calming, but also annoying and distracting. Sometimes I lay down on the yoga mat. However laying down in bed is not such a good idea, since you might fall asleep. The solution for me is to feel what is right just before I start meditating.

You can learn not to respond to every thought or emotion

Although I am still learning this lesson, I have created awareness and experimented with it. I know it will take me some more practice before I will be able to fully delay my response. We are so focused on short term solutions and rewards, that we have learned to immediately act whenever we feel like it.

I set the alarm and there were times I couldn’t resist to watch the time. I just had to peak, since I felt impatient. I was much calmer when I let go of the notion of time altogether. It brought me so much peace of mind.

You can pass this knowledge on to daily activities. We have a craving, so we eat something NOW. Afterwards we feel sorry that we ate too much unhealthy food. Or the phone makes a sound and you jump up immediately to check it, even when you are busy. You allow yourself to get distracted.

You don’t need to respond straight away, but you can wait until the right time, like when you have finished doing something. It’s the same way as reacting to an emotion. You are angry and lash out. You do have a choice when you are aware. You are angry and take a deep breath. The anger is decreasing and you answer with compassion in stead of a fight.

You create awareness and understanding of what is going on in your life

On Friday I experienced a special day with a group of 8 people where we were silent for 2 hours. It was in a garden with apple, pear and nut trees. Although the weather wasn’t as great as I had hoped, I did have the chance to go outside, enjoy the silence and even witness cows dancing. I felt happy and I was able to connect to the essence of what is going on in my life. In the afternoon we helped each other understand. It ‘s a nice balance between connecting to yourself and others. It gave me new insights.


I don’t feel that meditating is something I must do, because I have made myself do it. It is something I really look forward to, since it makes me feel so good.

If you would like to find out what meditation can do for you, join our meditation nights on May, 11th and June, 12th. You can sign up by email: andrea@findingflowlifecoaching.com


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