Even when you are superbusy and stressed it is worth the effort of what I am about to share with you. It might even ease the pressure and make you feel calmer. Would you like to join me on this journey? Saturday I started with a challenge.

I am going to meditate 30 minutes every single day. NO EXCUSES.

My goal is to go with the flow and experience what meditating does on a daily bases. I am used to meditating, but not every day and not 30 minutes. I would like to investigate what it will bring me in regard to all the thoughts in my mind and leaving my comfort zone.

Meditating 30 minutes is outside my comfort zone. Let’s see what happens when I leave mine.

Here are my first day’s experiences…

Day 1

I set the timer and meditated in my coaching practice. I set the alarm and I didn’t allow myself to peak. After 20 minutes I felt I had been silent for long enough. I thought that 30 minutes must have passed by now. So I opened my eyes and slowly started to move again.

I peaked on the timer: what? 10 more minutes to go? How could that be? I couldn’t stop, since I had set myself on 30 minutes, so I went into focus again. I managed to add another 6 minutes.

I felt it was okay to leave those 3 and it felt good that I was able to re-enter that focus again. It didn’t feel like I had failed. Meditation is not about success or failure. It is about being, not wanting to do anything. Refocus every time your mind wanders off, but not beating yourself up for it.

Day 2

Sunday was a really beautiful day. It was above 20 degrees Celsius and I spend most of the day outside in the garden. I felt quite relaxed, so I thought meditating would be peanuts. And it was.

I lay down on the couch which was on the porch in the back of our garden. The cat was sleeping right next to me. I put on some meditation music in my ear and I set the timer. Those were 30 incredible minutes.

I felt so calm and relaxed for the whole day and I ended the weekend with an extremely good feeling.

Day 3

Today is the third day already. It isn’t such a beautiful day as was yesterday. It is cloudy and colder. I meditated in my practice again and set the timer, this time I put on some meditation music. I felt a bit more restless, since it is Monday morning and a new work week has started. But I didn’t peak. I allowed myself to switch position, since my leg started to ache.

Another thing you learn while practicing meditation or yoga is that you feel what is going on, so you can be gentle and take care of yourself.

How often do you miss the signs your body is sending you? Signals that you should take care of yourself?

The impact it has

I can still feel the impact of this session and the relaxed weekend, it is big. I feel completely relaxed and calm. As a result I could write this blog in flow. The text just appeared on the screen, it didn’t take me much time and effort. And all other kinds of ideas just started to flow.

You can do this too and I am sure it will bring you many nice things.

Would you like to join me on the challenge?

Even when you are superbusy, with all projects, learning for exams, working, you too can find time for some ‘quiet time’.

Here is what you can do.

Start with 5 minutes a day of sitting in a comfortable position with both feet on the ground or your legs crossed and your eyes closed. Get used to the feeling, so you can add more minutes every single week. Just as feels right for you.

You can focus on your breathing, as the air enters your body via your nose and leaves via your mouth, or you can feel your belly going up and down. Every time you are thinking you can refocus again to your breathing. You don’t need to do it perfectly, it is okay when you have thoughts.

You can set the timer and put on some meditation music, there is plenty to be found on Youtube or Spotify. It is just 5 minutes of ‘me-time’ in which you don’t have to do anything. You don’t need to evaluate, worry, think about the past or about what is yet to come, you don’t need to do anything, it doesn’t have to be good. JUST BE. Doesn’t that sound great?


Procrastination kicks in when you are studying for the exams. one of the tips for tackling procrastination is ‘indulge in me-time’. Meditation can be used for that. Would you like to read more tips, download my e-book ’20 tips for tackling procrastination’.

It is only a short e-book, don’t worry that it will take too much of your time. It might just inspire you to do things differently, so you will be a bit more relaxed and less stressed. Wouldn’t that be great?

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